Thursday, August 6, 2009

How do you Hump???

I want a hump like this!! Minus the hair out the front

Ever since ive worn hijab i have tried my hardest to get a nice hump ;)

Hump... You know the big hump in the back of your hijab

How do you do it!!

Some girls do it sooo prefectly and it looks amazing and then there are those that make it waaay to high..

So please share with me your tips of how you get your humps just right...


  1. i love to hump! i hump all day!

    it helps if you have long, thick hair and all you really need to do is put your hair in a bun. but in case you dont have it - some girls use a puffy flower clip or wind their bun in a smaller scarf.

  2. wow...i love these types of humps. Sadly like you, I too don't know how to make it... lol, soon Inshallah I'll learn:)

  3. I thought the hump is a definate hijab "no-no"...(However , the turkish way of the camel or the UFO hump is done by putting a bonnet hijab cap --, on top of it, or under if u can find a big a stretchy bonnet, u put a traditional tülbent scarf(, and then on top u proceed with the hijab/turban/başörtü/eş a dozen(ok, well at elast 3-4) hijab pins ( )...And voila ;)

  4. Heyy,,

    I used to get my "hump" LOL by using my long curly hair but ever since i cut my hair :( I've been using a large clip and a Square shaped scarf
    This is how I do it
    1: you first tie you hair into a bun where it's level with the top of your head then you tie the square scarf around you bun and use a suitible hair clip to clip it to secure you then style you scarf as usual
    Hope it helps

    <3 Radeyah

  5. salaams sister :) isnt it greeeat that we r both from Turkey :) well u r 10 years older than me but i hope that this wont make a difference :)
    anyway, about the hump thing lol, u know that it is sin to have a big hump.. it should be higher than your head !! so u really dont have to worry about it and try to make it higher :) my friends have thosee HUGEEEEEE hair ties.. i mean really HUGE.. u have no idea how huge is it lool anyway.. and it makes their head looks bigger and u know.. higher than their heads !! so.. not cool.. u know..
    ps. i have just checked the pic :/ and i saw that it is not that high lool.. well thats kinda the highest it can be.. it cant be like..... okay that is JUST SO HARD TO explain in Turkish lool..
    ps. i would love it if u tell me why u live in Australia and when did u start living there.. i got some friends from there :)

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