Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hott Trend #4.....Bejewelled Thongs/Sandals

Hott Trend #4
BeJewlled Thongs/Sandals
Summer's here so that means Maxi dresses and cute sandals for us Hijabis
when women wear high heels with casual Maxi dresses i really dont like the look!!
But i adore the new trend of sexy thongs that have pretty details on them looks soo much nicer than a pair of heels under a summery maxi
I have soo many different colours all with pretty jewels on them...So my suggestion is go and get some its a must have for summer and they are very afordable :)

Bejewlled Thongs

Bejewlled Thongs by Nasiide featuring ASOS Collection sandals

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  1. yeah those sandals are really pretty, i love maxi dresses!