Sunday, January 18, 2009

But Your So Pretty...Does Your Father Make You Do It!!!

Selam Alaiykum =)

So im new to wearing hijab been about 2months now alhumdulilah =)

I was shocked to hear these words come out of a fellow Muslims mouth "Your so pretty why do you wear it?? (turns to look at my father) oh does he make u wear it??"

Umm what the?! for one my father is the furtherest thing from a muslim looking man he wears about 50 gold chains and 20 diaomond rings pimp style lol and has the funkiest hairstyle uve ever seen im pretty sure its quite obvious the man isnt into his din or forcing his daughter to wear hijab hahaha (i pray that Allah swt guides him)

But what shocked me the most was that it came from a sister who was born in Afgahnistan and raised in Iran i would think she would know that no one can force us, unless ur under taliban regeime maybe.. I laughed so hard and said no sister its my choice i love my hijab my father was actually opossed at first to me wearing it...

Subhanallah comments like these are so funny.. So has anyone ever accused u of being forced to wear hijab??


  1. omg i cant believe other muslims said that! good on you for wearing it though i really hope it goes well :D great blog to!

  2. :) i starting wearing mine in the 7th grade the first time i wore it was to the camii (mosque) and a family friend was going to drop me off she asked me if i was sick and why i had "bundled up" i said that when going to the camii you should wear the hijab atleast out of respect. i remember crying alot after that incident not because i was discouraged but i was upset that people were so ignorant. ( may Allah swt have mercy on them and soften thier hearts)