Thursday, January 29, 2009

Does my head look big in this??

I just finished reading this book and it was great!! Funny,uplifting, and i couldnt put it down!
I was feeling a lil down so my beautiful mummy got me a present and this is what is was..
I started reading it straight away and the next thing i knew my alarm was going off to pray fajr i had read that much!
Its about a Australian/Palestinan girl trying to navigate her way through life and deals with her deciding to put hijab on and the challenges she faced amongst other things, i liked it so much as when i recevied this book i had only recently put on hijab and it was so nice to see how someone else coped with the challenges and the inner struggles. Although its aimied at teenagers its a must for any hijabi..
Im sad i finished it i didnt want it to end

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  1. I loved that book too, read it almost a year ago, reminded me of my teen years :))