Saturday, January 31, 2009

Voyer in the masjid

While at jummat prayers yesterday we were all sitting listening to the imam talk before we prayed, and a lady whipped out a video camera in the women only section of the masjid!!
I was furious, there are some sisters who wear niqab and once in the prayer room take it off so they are just in hijab i was not only concerned for these sisters but for myself, whilst i do not wear niqab i would hardly want people to have pictures or video of me!!
I wanted to say something but it seemed that they didnt speak english so instead i shot a very concerned look at a sister she was with!! I was so angry, seriously what would motivate someone to do such a thing..
My father suggested that perhaps they were visiting the masjid as overseas guests and wanted to perhaps show people back home what the masjid looked like but i HIGHLY doubt that lol
Has anything strange happened to you like this whilst at the masjid??


  1. To me... if the area is sisters only and there is no way for a brother to see.. then it is no different than taking the camcorder into the changing area of say.. a swim club... or a department store.

  2. My room mate said "Maybe they are filming for their son to pick a wife..."