Wednesday, January 21, 2009

DIY...How to tie your hijab

I posted a pic of me recently rocking my hijab in a rather funky way a couple of my girlfrineds have asked how i did it and lovely Ange over at Hegab Rehab suggest i show u how... excellent idea i say!

Ok so get yourself a scarf and some gorgeous earings that match your hijab and an under cap...

  • Tie your hair up in a bun and put the under cap on
  • grab your hijab and place it over your head as u would normally do then pull each end of the scarf behind your head and tie it really tight just like a bandana
  • Then get one side and bring it around the right side of your neck making sure u cover up your neck and then do the same for the left side
  • so it should be almost perfect now..just tuck in the ends of the scarf around your neck so it stays nice and tight
  • then get your earings and place them under your hijab in your ears make sure that your hijab is both covering your neck and your ears and wallah your done!!

Hope that was an easy enough off u go give it a try practice makes perfect

and remember its all about matching scarfs to your accesories


Heres some examples to get your creative juices flowing


Untitled by Nasiide


  1. i did it.. but it looks crap on my round head.

  2. hahahaha omgosh i bet it dosnt lol the normal way to wear hijab makes my face look fat haha

  3. oh yeah, this is one of my favs, and if your shirt has a low neckline it'll save you from wearing an extra t-shirt :)