Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hijab made me fat!!!

Selam Alaiykum

Since i have started wearing hijab ive gotten fat, were not talking stupid girl paranoid fat were talking like 6kgs fat maybe more fat :( ok so its not my haijabs fault lol but i think it may be due to the fact no one see's my body anymore so im not concise of the fact that im getting fatter. But something seriously has to be done cause its becoming a joke...

What made this worse was a recent incident that made me cry due to my fatness lol

I know many brothers that attend the masjid and usually when im with a girl they have never seen before they will message me through facebook and ask who she was..

There were two girls that came with me on this particular day, one is the wife of one brother and the other was her friend both are not Muslim buit have partners who are, the married one is very skinny and the other i perceived to be about the same size as me.. So low and behold when i got home from Jummah i had received some messages, One was asking who the girl in the purple hijab was and that was the married one so i promptly let him know she was married, but the message that really upset me went a lil somethinng like this...

Selams who were the two malnourished girls at jummah with you, i wanted to go upto them and offer a whole spit roast lamb to them.

When i read this i got sooo upset i know it was not this brothers intention to upset me and he certainly dosent think im fat, but when i read the message it really hurt me because i perceived the other girl to be the samee size as me and then to think other people thought me to be fatter i was sad even sadder considering i know i have put on a noticable amount of weight :(

So as im writing this post my brand new treadmill is positioned about a metere away from me, but when you feel crappy the last thing you want to do is put your running shoes on and kill yourself on the treadmill, yes perhaps excersise is the best thing for me right now to pull me out of my pathetic self pittying coma and release those good feeling endorphines into my body but it all comes down to motivation at the endof the day dosent it..

Inshallah i will jump on it tonight and get the ball rolling :D


  1. you should always compare yourself only to yourself.. never to anyone else. and if you are happy being that small extra 6 kilos then what is there to worry about?

    6 kilos is nothing girl. and if you didnt notice its because it is nothing to worry about!

  2. salam aleykum
    check out www.bodybuilding.com
    samre principles of bodybuilding apply towhatever goals you wanna have,

    to loose weight you to restict your carbs to complex and slow digested ones ( like oats brown bread and briwn rice), avoid fast digested like rica white bread and pasta

    lift weights in the 15 to 20 rep range 3 times a week and do cardio as well 3 times a week, you should be fine.

  3. I also gained alot of wieght when i decided to wear my hijab (im also turkish by the way) i also think it has alot to do with other people not seeing my body. It started bothering me to, so im going to start a all womens gym with my friend, having support always helps :))