Monday, February 23, 2009

Whats that thing on your head??!!

Selam Alaiykum

Well i had a veeeery interesting day to say the least hahaha this is a two part story

Part 1

On my journey to help at Madrasa, i call it a journey as i have to catch three buses and a train subhanallah a Korean man sat right next to me i had no idea why at first as the whole bus was practically empty, as i was one stop away from getting off he started talking to me asking me questions about where to get off, then afta a few minutes of silence he decided to bust out with a question that shocked me a little..

ok so i have only been wearing hijab for about 4 months alhumdulilah so i haven't had many weird experiences yet humduleh, but out of nowhere he was like whats that thing on your head is it uncomfortable??

subhanallah i started laughing because he said it in a curious way and not a wat the hell way lol he knew it was called hijab which surprised me a little and then proceeded to ask me why i wear it i simply said because i want to its part of my religion..then came the "OH BUT DONT YOU GET FORCED TO WEAR IT, DON'T YOUR PARENTS MAKE YOU WEAR IT"

Omg grrrr im sooo sick of hearing that i felt like screaming in his face and being like nooooooo!! no one forced me in fact my parents wouldn't talk to me when i deiced to wear it..but i refrained from going physco at him and simply and sweetly replied that it was simply my choice and in fact my parents were opposed to my descion ..then it was time for me to jump of the bus..i thought

subhanallah now i know why he sat next to me Allah swt put me next to him so that i could help someone understand Islam for what it is and not what its portrayed to be.

When i meet people who have this whacked out view of Islam and voice it to me i feel so happy when i am able to correct them gently so that they gain a better understanding of what we believe in and that all women in Islam are not oppressed..

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  1. Wow that's cool, I love it when people ask thoughtfully instead of stare or give weird looks. May Allah reward you.