Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My dua's were answered!!

(Mashallah beautiful hijabi sisters)

Bismillah ir Rahmeen ir Raheem

Selam alaiykum :D

Im very happy alhumdulilah

During my university holidays i made the descion to put the hijab on, when i made this descion i also changed most of my friends, changed my number and ceased contact with many people that i thought were no longer a posotive influence in my life and boy ive never been happier. But when you take such a step you need people around you that inspire you to become either a better Muslim or friends that have the same beleifs as you.

I know that many reverts face this problem trying to find friends that are Muslim, i myself am a revert so can identify with this.

So i made dua everyday asking Allah swt to send me friends that would help me increase my iman help me to become a better Muslim and help to increase my knowlegde and it seems that Allah swt has answered my dua Alhumdulilah and i am forever grateful :D

At uni there is a sister from Saudi in my class and finally we got to speak to each other and passed notes to each other in class like teenagers asking questions about one another she is very sweet, and their is also another hijabi that always smiles at me inshallah i wil go up to her next time i see her and talk to her she is an international student and i never see her with any other friends so i will definetly try to make friends with her inshallah.

A friend of mine a very good brother told me that the best way to meet other sisters is make them know who you are, make them like you lol, and when they do they wil include you in events that are for sisters only i have recently started helping at the masjid and i am hoping inshallah that i will make some new friends there :D

I love my old friends but sometimes its nice to have people that are the same as you, now my converstaions are about Islam, swapping knowlegde where as before it was about what club we were going to hit on the weekend subhanallah..

My life is meaningful now and for that i am forever thankful to our mighty creator for opening my heart and helping me to accept Islam as the truth.


  1. im glad you came to this. insha'allah you will fnid some nice girlies to hang with. im going through the same thing now. i think getting involved in the masjid and attending quran classes will help you alot.

  2. alsalamou alaikom,
    mashallah it's wonderful that you've gotten together with other hijabi muslims that's really great!