Monday, February 23, 2009

Wedding proposal in the form of a recepit

Part will enjoy this

Once i arrived at the Masjid for Madrasa i was releived to finally be there, there were some brothers in the Madrasa part of the Masjid which you dont see very often unless their fathers of the children...

Today their was a brother putting away books in the room i was teaching in with another sister, ok so i may have looked at him once or twice and yes i may have smiled at him but it was a "oh these kids are so wonderful they make me smile, smile" not an "oh im smiling at you because i like you" and i literally looked at him maybe for a second as he was looking at me simple really harmless i would have thought lol well i thought wrong..

So by my actions did i make him perceive me to be a sister that wasnt pious, that dosent lower her gaze and goes around smililng at random brothers everyday well perhaps because what followed shocked me..

It was time to go and my mum was waiting to pickme up so i walked down the driveway to her car and jumped in, as we were driving off a sister who i had breifly said hello to earlier at madrasa was waving at me i was sure she wasnt talking to me so i looked around and their was no one else in sight so i realised she was talking to me so i jumped out of the car and walked upto her..she was bare foot so it seemed obvious she rushed out to talk to me, my first thought was that i had forgotton something..

But then she spoke...She started off by saying "sister i am so sorry i am so embarrassed" i was like ok whats wrong sister what happened and she opened her hand to reveal a small peice of folded up paper that looked like rubbish, she said a brother saw me in the masjid and asked her husband about you and my husband asked me to give you this, i am so embarresed sister im so sorry, i was soo shocked and told her please dont be embarrased..

I took the peice of paper out of her hand an had a look.. This is exactly what it said..





I was horrified it was written so crudley on an old petrol station recepit

I said to the sister this is not the appropraite way a brother should have approach me and that i wouldnt be calling as i do not call men..

I was so upset because i felt cheap as though i was some hoochie he tried to pick up in a bar not a masjid..

Now after hearing my story what are your veiws do you think that because i smiled and looked in his direction that i showed myself to be not pious a sister not worthy of respect or was it simply that this brother didnt handle the situation as well as he could have..

Just so you know i was wearing full abaya so it wasnt like i was being provocative

Please share your views as i am perplexed...


  1. Ugh. Sorry that happened to you sister, How odd. A lot of Arab guys don't get that there are just friendly smiles...I learned that here you don't smile to men because they get the wrong idea but being raised in the states its just common courtesy.

  2. That's messed up! L 4 wife!??! On a receipt? I think maybe he took your smile to mean you were interested and then acted like a big weirdo by giving you his number. Some men are just crazy!!

  3. I wouldn't feel bad sis. He obviously has no etiquette, and does not know the proper way to approach a woman for marriage.

    Insha'Allah you'll find the right guy,


  4. salam sis, like sister Mona said, Arab guys take any smile to mean you are interested in them Subhanallah!! To be honest my hubby who is Arab says to me not to smile in public at all not because he is a complete tyrant!! :) but because he worries that dudes might get the wrong idea.... in general arab girls are taught this and also not to talk in a flirty girly manner, as the men are take smiling at them is like a BIG green light for them to approach you. Sucks!! doesnt it.

  5. LOL! sheesh, yeah well now you know..not to smile to a guy even if it be in a courteous way. It woudn't have been bad though if he had spoken to ur frnd's hubby, told him what he was looking for in a wife and then ur frnd could have talked to u abt it and all that stuff.

  6. salam alaykom sister, i was sitting in the subay with a friend both had niqaab. and this cheesy dirty man came up to us and said - do you know any good practising sister who wants to get married
    we was like WTF you couldnt even tell he was a muslim by his looking. so i was like - uhm no not for you LOL

    i dont know about the dude in your masjid though, if you are "well known" he should ask about you first, and perhaps see if yous got a daddy to ask, and not give you his number, sooo low.

    anyways try to make clear that isnt your style, so he gets the picture, tell your dad or brother to call him lOL

  7. That i an awful way to approach any girl! How rude!