Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pretending to be halal...

I have been eating at a certain place at my uni because it is Halal well at least i thought it was as it has framed certificates stating that the food is Halal but to my surprise and disgust its all a lie!!

Yeah you heard me!!
Ive been eating food that is not Halal thinking it is!! What the hell!! Ok so i know i don't get punished for this seeing as i was under the impression it was..

The daughter of the company that the food is supposedly supplied by is the one that made me realise it wasn't halal i was chatting to her on msn and said "oh i didn't know your family supplies that halal food at uni" and she was like " lol we don't, we supply it only for special functions" whhhhhhhhat the hell!! How can they do that you have no idea how upset i am thats such an evil thing to do, we have many international students at uni who come from countries such as Saudi and Qatar, i am betting that these people would have never knowingly ate anything that is not halal in their whole entire life and guess what they probably have now.

Inshallah on Monday we are going to confront them about this..I would really consider taking legal action as they have falsely stated something which in turn affects me on a fundamental level



  1. Salam Sis, i would write them a very strong letter insha'Allah... and ask them to quickly take down the signs SubhanAllah... before going public through definaitly find out the truth of the matter firsts..

    and also!!

  2. How could anyone do such a thing? Is this place run by Muslims or non-Muslims?

  3. that is horrible! what happen? did you confront them?