Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I found my wedding dress!!

Ok so im not engaged and no i dont even have someone in mind lool but when i was watching the Oscars and saw Penelope Cruz accept her award and do her speech i almost died!!
I thought oh my gaaaaaaaawwwd that is going to be my wedding dress!!! I am so copying it and making a hijabified version
Isnt it gorgeous!!


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  1. hey lol! no worries, i do that all the time..i too dont even have any1 on mind and far from getting even engaged but im always on the lookout for cute wedding dresses. We're so smart..we dont care to whom or when we're getting married but we've already on the look out for our wedding dress haha.

  2. Me and mny friend emailed best and worse dresses from oscars and this was actaulyl on my owrst list because she looked like a bride and i dont think it was fit for oscars... it is a gorgeous dress tho hun x

    start searching for that hubby !

    T x